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About Us

About Our School :

Funny Days Kindergarten is a family owned and operated Early Childhood Education and Childcare Service. The service is in operation since 2007. We specialise in providing high quality childcare and early learning programs for children in our care. Our goal is to enrich each child’s growth and development through nurturing care, exceptional educational programs and best facilities. At Funny Days Kindergarten we pride ourselves in the development of all children through various programs. We employ highly qualified and experienced professionals who demonstrate excellence in the field of Early Childhood Education. Our Educators are committed and dedicated in helping each child thrive and grow in their development as they become confident and competent individuals. The combination of our excellent educational programs and our best team of professional educators allows us to provide the highest standard of care and education for each child and provide them with the best possible foundations for a bright future and start to their school life.

Funny Days Kindergarten Philosophy :

Our Aim :

We aim to provide a quality care, education and a nurturing environment for the healthy growth and development of all children in our care. We deliver our service in collaboration with various community organisations, government agencies and other regulatory institutions. Our programs will reflect the individual needs of each child and provide them with learning experiences in each area of their development.

Our Philosophy :

In recent years, the number of children from birth through primary-school-age being cared for outside their homes has increased significantly. Funny Days Kindergarten is expert to meet the demand for quality care and education to enhance learning and achievement throughout children’s lives. Our quality care is reflected in our philosophy.

For Children & Our Program :

Funny Days Kindergarten believes children are unique individuals who develop at their own pace and approach – through play, exploration and discovery of their own environment and the people around them. We also believe that children are active learners with a natural curiosity to learn about themselves and their surroundings.
We agree that children have freedom to play because it is through play that their learning and development is fostered.
We feel that children need and have the right to feel secure and loved, and to develop strong relationships with their caregivers to develop to their full potential.

For Families :

We promote positive partnerships with families through open communication and support.
We embrace diversity and respond to changing individuals and family needs.
We believe families are children’s most valued teachers and involvement is encouraged as a part of our program.
Our aim is to continually provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment for children, in cooperation with families, staff and the community. We will do this by encouraging family and community involvement in the centre program, and utilising resources to enhance socio-cultural learning.

For Staff :

We believe the health, attitudes and behaviour of staff are paramount to provide a loving and caring environment. We create an environment that fosters motivation and commitment, which in turn fosters professional development and job satisfaction.
We will endeavor to earn the respect of families through effective communication, commitment, dedication, trust, understanding and educational expertise.